Cherry Blossom Herbasol® Extract Glycerine SB - 400447.116.2


This tree grows up to 15 m high and 30-80 cm in diameter. The bark is greyish and rough and separates naturally from the trunk. Leaves deciduous on petioles which have two pairs of reddish glands. They are obovate with incurved short teeth. The white flowers in erect long terminal racemes in the axils of the leaves. The fruit, up to 2 cm in diameter is from red to black.

INCI name: Aqua, Glycerin, Plant Extract, Sodium Benzoat, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate

Codice: CosC191
Aspetto: Liquido
Solubilità: Completamente miscibile
Origine: Naturale
Tipologia: Estratti
Rivitalizzante, Rigenerante
Anti invecchiamento, effetto lifting