Watermint Herbasol® Extract PG, unpreserved, system 3 - 400227.35.2


The Watermint, also called Wild- or Marshmint, is growing abundantly 40-60 cm high, in extensive mases in wet places. It is well distinguished by its downy foliage and whorls of lilac flowers, which towards the summit of the stem are crowded into globose heads. Watermint is from a group of plants known as marginal, bog or shallow water plants. Marginals typically like to have their roots constantly wet, but most of the plant is held above water level.

INCI name: Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Plant Extract, Sorbitol

Codice: CosC094
Aspetto: Liquido
Solubilità: Completamente miscibile
Origine: Naturale
Provenienza: Asia