Magnolia Herbasol® Extract PG, unpreserved, system 3 - 400472.35.2


The Magnolia family contains some of the most beautiful and fragrant trees. The genus ins characterized by having the calyx three-sepaled, corolla six to nine-petaled, the receptacle elongated and the pistils with their ovaries forming a cone-like fruit. The M. glauca is a small tree at the North of North America but quite a large one at the South. Leaves scattered, oblong-oval, thick, yellowish-green above, pale and glaucous beneath. Flowers large, creamy white, very fragrant. Availability uncertain!

INCI name: Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Plant Extract, Sorbitol

Codice: CosC056
Aspetto: Liquido
Solubilità: Completamente miscibile
Origine: Naturale
Tipologia: Estratti
Skin lightening